Driver:  Anton Hernandez

  Arlington, TX

Engine:  Ford Gaerte / Roush Jates

Chassis:  GPR

Car Owner / Crew:  Roger Oakes / Rick Bailey, Ryan Bailey, David Hernandez

Favorite Drivers:
  Jeff Gordon

Hobbies:  Racing, Baseball (pitcher), Basketball, Video Games



3rd Annual Jason Leffler Memorial

Ø  14th

1st Annual Midgets Invade Houston


Lucas Oil POWRi Midget Series

Ø  Points Champion and Rookie of the Year

Ø  Heat Races: 3 wins

Ø  B- Feature: 2 wins

Ø  A-Feature: 1 win

Ø  Top 5’s: 7

Ø  Top 10’s: 2

Ø  DNS: 1 (mechanical)

Ø  DNF: 0

600cc A-Class Micro's:


Ø  29th Speedway Motors Tulsa Shootout - 27th out of 200 non-wing A-Class drivers

Ø  5th Annual Longhorn Shootout: 600cc Non-Wing Feature Winner


Ø  4th Annual Longhorn Shootout: 600cc Non-Wing Feature Winner

Ø  Kennedale Speedway Park - May 3, 2013 - Feature Winner

600cc RESTRICTED Micro's:


Ø  Cowtown Speedway

Ø  September 22, 2012 – 4th Place

Ø  September 28, 2012 – 2nd Place


Ø  Veteran’s Day Cowtown Speedway ASCS2: Finished 4th out of 24 drivers

(First time ever in a 600cc restrictor mini-sprint driving for Rick Bailey)





Ø Kam Kartway’s 250cc Winged Outlaw King of the Hill - Runner Up


Ø  3rd Annual Longhorn Shootout:

1. Adult BSP Clone Flat Kart: Feature Winner

2. 250cc Winged Outlaw: Feature Winner

3. OPEN Winged Outlaw: Feature Winner


Ø  Kam Kartway’s 250cc Winged Outlaw King of the Hill Champion

Ø  Lone Star Kart Nationals: 250cc Winged Outlaw – 3rd Place


Ø  Santa Shootout: 250cc Winged Outlaw – 5th Place

Ø  2nd Annual Longhorn Shootout: 250cc Winged Outlaw – Runner Up

Ø  KAM Kartway’s Short Track Shoot-Out: Winged Outlaw Modified Champion


Ø  Lone Star Kart Nationals: 125cc Winged Outlaw - Runner Up

Ø  1st Annual Longhorn Shootout: 125cc Winged Outlaw - Runner Up

Ø  National Winged Outlaw Karting (NWOK): 125cc National Points Champion

Ø  KAM Kartway’s 125cc Winged Outlaw Track Champion

Ø  Texoma Speedway’s Hotter-N-Hell 125cc Winged Outlaw Champion

Ø  Hartville, MO. -  GotMilk? Nationals: 125/250cc Winged Outlaw - 4th Place


Ø  North Texas Winter Nationals: Open Modified Champion

Ø  KAM Kartway’s Unrestricted Animal King of the Hill Champion


Ø  Cowtown Speedway’s Stock Briggs & Stratton Animal Track Champion

Ø  (Points leader start to finish)


Ø  Cowtown Speedway’s Track Dominator

(18 Feature wins, 5 Seconds, 3 Thirds, 5th & 6th)

Ø  Cowtown Speedway’s Pure Stock Under 11 Track Champion

Ø  KAM Kartway’s Super Stock: 5th in points (Rookie)


Ø  KAM Kartway 4th place in 3HP Beg. Adv.

Ø  Cowtown Speedway 6th place in 3HP Beg, Adv.


Ø  Cowtown Speedway’s Rookie of the Year

(13 Feature wins, 9 Seconds, 2 Thirds, 4th, 5th, 7th and a 8th)

Ø  Cowtown Speedway’s 3HP Beginner Track Champion

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