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Robb’s Roll in Champions Cup Round 6

Cody Morris
I-44 Riverside Speedway Public Relations

Saturday, May 10th, 2014 / Champions Cup Round 6 of 22
I-44 Riverside Speedway / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

What an amazing night to unveil the first piece of the new grandstand! We could do without the wind, but it’s Oklahoma and it wasn’t near as bad as the first time we hosted the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series back on April 12th.

A beautiful May evening and a great racing surface greeted 17 Lucas Oil POWRi West Midgets and approximately 93 mini sprints that had their eyes set on Champions Cup Round 6 Glory.

It was a great night of racing that Jeramiah Green enjoyed his 10th birthday at too! A ton of fans and racers gathered last year to turn the speedway green for Jeramiah, and next week we will do it again to celebrate the one year anniversary of Jeramiah’s first ever race, as well as the final race we had before the tornado hit on May 20th.

If there is one night for the local and racing communities to rally around - this is it! Stay tuned for why, for now we need to launch a condensed, time sensitive view of The Rundown. 

Champions Cup Round 6 delivered a ton to talk about, may be harder to condense than just share!

THE Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series 

For a detailed view of the POWRi West Midget outing at I-44 Riverside, check out POWRi west on Facebook or at They put on an amazing show, as usual. In the interim, here are the official results:

Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series / Event #8 of 15
Official Results

Heat One (8 laps): 1. 8 Alex Sewell (1); 2. 83 Jonathan Halford (8); 3. 91B Kevin Bayer (6); 4. 9u Doug McCune (2); 5. 51 Steven Shebester (3); 6. 14E Eric Fenton (5); 7. 29s Grady Chandler (7); 8. 73 Jason McDougal (4)

Heat Two (8 laps): 1. 35 Matt Sherrell (3); 2. 96 Cody Brewer (1); 3. 21H Ty Hulsey (2); 4. 4m Michelle Decker (8); 5. 7x Jordan McPherson (4); 6. 17 Travis Scott (7); 7. 1B Bobby Brewer (5); 8. 23A Hannah Adair (6); 9. 1ou AJ Burns (9)

Lucas Oil POWRi West A Feature (25 laps): 1. 35 Matt Sherrell (2); 2. 91B Kevin Bayer (3); 3. 83 Jonathan Halford (1); 4. 4m Michelle Decker (5); 5. 8 Alex Sewell (4); 6. 14E Eric Fenton (12); 7. 21H Ty Hulsey (7); 8. 29s Grady Chandler (13); 9. 9u Doug McCune (8); 10. 23A Hannah Adair (15); 11. 7x Jordan McPherson (9); 12. 17 Travis Scott (10); 13. 1B Bobby Brewer (14); 14. 51 Steven Shebester (11); 15. 73 Jason McDougal (16); 16. 96 Cody Brewer (6); 17. 1ou AJ Burns (17)
Lap Leaders: Sherrell 1-5, Halford 6-17, Sherrell 18-25
Stoppages: 1 yellow
Factor One Racing Hard Charger Award: Eric Fenton +6
The Dirty Knuckle Tavern 7th and 13th place Award: Ty Hulsey, Bobby Brewer
KBR Performance/Boss Chassis Hard Luck Award: TBA

Keep a sharp eye on the next Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series show on the horizon at I-44 Riverside Speedway on Saturday, June 6th as a slew of Midget teams aim to make their debut that night. The developments will be tracked in detail on POWRi West outlets.

***Champions Cup Round 6 Rundown***


A couple of cars tagged the tail, moving Tulsa’s Joey Gray up to the pole position for the 15 lap Junior Sprint A Feature with Moore’s Connor Thompson starting alongside.

Gray ran away with the early lead before her pace was slowed a couple times in the first half of the race. Coming off a lap 6 restart, Calera’s Ryder Laplante was up from 10th to battle Gray for the lead.

Laplante has been on the brink of his first Junior Sprint score since the season began. It’s been apparent both in finishes and also the weekly dashes to the front of the field.

He’s been so close several times, but Laplante rocketed by to lead the 11th round and pulled away over the final few to snare his first career win with Scott’s Racing Engines power and Factor One Racing hardware on his #88R Snap On ride.

Lawton’s Dylan Pendergrass earned Hard Charger status in a romp from 12th to the runner up spot after Gray bicycled over an infield tire late in the race. Emme Johnson claimed fourth from the tail of the field with Jacob Long turning in a strong performance to complete the top five finishing order.

Pendergrass and Laplante earned heat race wins over the 13 car field.

Junior Sprint A Feature (15 laps): 1. 88R Ryder Laplante (10); 2. 22 Dylan Pendergrass (11); 3. 15J Joey Gray (5); 4. 12E Emme Johnson (10); 5. 007 Jacob Long (9); 6. 72c Kayden Cole (8); 7. 33 Noah Babb (4); 8. 28 Connor Thompson (2); 9. 125 Macy Roulain (7); 10. 05c Jordan Williams (13); 11. 37 Jack Hall (12); 12. 16 Brant Woods (6); DNS: 1 Bryce Barnett
Lap Leaders: Joey Gray 1-10, Ryder Laplante 11-15
Hard Charger: Laplante, Pendergrass +9


Matt Pagel paced the pole position of the 20 lap Non Wing main event with Perkins’ Tommy White alongside. White led early before the red flag flew when Yukon’s Philip Fessler spun to a flip in the infield of turn two. 

It was exactly the bunch up that Newcastle’s Gage Robb needed as he hounded the leader quickly on the restart. White held back the 12 Gage as long as he could, but watched it go past just before the halfway point.

Another Newcastle native, Derrick McBride, battled past White looking to gain on the leader, but the strongest challenge came from Pauls Valley’s Steven Shebester who had advanced from 13th into second with five laps to go.

Shebester gained on the leader each lap, but Gage Robb held on to score his first Non Wing win of the season. 

Shebester claimed second with McBride third, followed by Fletcher’s Blake Dacus moving up three spots to claim fourth. Anadarko’s Ryan Padgett fought past White late to complete the top five finish.

Preston Williams, Gage Robb, Tommy White, and Justin Patocka earned heat race wins over the 28 car field, with Jeff Rury leading the first of an unorthodox five transfers out of the B Feature.

Non Wing B Feature (12 laps - top 5 transferred): 1. 12 Gage Robb (4); 2. 82 Steven Shebester (13); 3. 98 Derrick McBride (8); 4. 29 Blake Dacus (7); 5. 898 Ryan Padgett (10); 6. 25w Tommy White (2); 7. 26 Preston Williams (15); 8. 33x Justin Patocka (6); 9. 32k Chris Kelly (18); 10. 02 Bobby Hennig (12); 11. 2B Brandon Boggs (21); 12. 11J Garrett Jennings (20); 13. 88 Tony Penick (11); 14. 10 Matt Pagel (1); 15. 11T Jason Bennett (16); 16. 96R Jeff Rury (17); 17. 25 Anton Hernandez (14); 18. 58 Philip Fessler (5); 19. 28x Brian Martin (20); 20. 3 Cory Wiegart (9); 21. 4T Caleb Thompson (3)
Lap Leaders: Tommy White 1-8, Gage Robb 9-20
Hard Charger: Steven Shebester +11

Justin, Texas racer Noah Key started pole position of the 20 lap Restricted main event with Pauls Valley’s Seth Shebester alongside, but it was chaos behind them that impacted this one.

15 Restrictors started the main event, but Carson Wilson got dominoed on the start and flipped violently, with Tanner Conn, Logan Davis, and Kobe Simpson getting upside down as well as Kelsey Gray and Mason McGuire involved. 

Despite the fearsome crash, all drivers walked away safely, but half the field was eliminated in one fell swoop.

On a much less destructive restart, Key dropped the early dime on the lead and held it until the halfway point when Bethany’s Matt Moore powered past. Matt has been madman in The Vapor Hut #9m this year and ran away to already his third win of the young Restricted season, easily a Riverside best.

Noah Key settled for a strong runner up finish as the young Texan continues to mount experience at venues all over the region. Choctaw’s Nathan Rainey is also on the come up, the reigning Junior Sprint titlist earning the show position. 

Seth Shebester claimed fourth with Moore’s Kaylee Cole completing the top five finishing order.

Restricted heats were claimed by Moore and Mason McGuire

Restricted A Feature (20 laps): 1. 9m Matt Moore (15); 2. 14 Noah Key (1); 3. 99 Nathan Rainey (11); 4. 82s Seth Shebester (2); 5. 72c Kaylee Cole (8); 6. 13 Blake Scott (6); 7. 14D Logan Davis (13); 8. 57T Kyle Thompson (4); 9. 12s Sarah Walls (5); 10. 21k Kobe Simpson (3); 11. 88k Kelsey Gray (10); 12. 86 Carson Wilson (9); 13. 78 Tanner Conn (12); 14. 18 Mason McGuire (14); 15. 00R Ryan Anderson (7)
Lap Leaders: Noah Key 1-9, Matt Moore 10-20
Hard Charger: Matt Moore +14


Harrah’s Gene Berry paced the pole of the 20 lap Turf Tire main event with Shorty Burks alongside and pouncing into the early lead.

No stoppages in this one. Burks ran off with the lead, but Snyder’s Josh Bigger was up from the third row looking for his second of the season.

Bigger closed the gap late, but needed a lap or two more than he would get as Burks earned his first Turf Tire score of the season. Bigger settled for the runner up spot with Jeremy Morris taking the family turn on the #93 car that he and brother Jared team up with and finishing third with Hard Charger status.

Round 5 winner Bobby Chapa moved up three spots to claim fourth in the Mike Robertson #30 until his C3 becomes operational once more, with El Reno’s defending Turf Tire champ and current point leader Jeremy Penick scooted up from 12th to complete the top five finish.

Jeremy Morris and Jeremy Penick claimed Turf Tire heat wins over the 13 car field.

Turf Tire A Feature (20 laps): 1. 1x Shorty Burks (2); 2. 21 Josh Bigger (6); 3. 93 Jeremy Morris (13); 4. 30 Bobby Chapa (7); 5. 28 Jeremy Penick (12); 6. 14v Zach Van Zant (5); 7. 33 Brian Penick (4); 8. 14J Philip Giles (8); 9. 75 Willie Vickman (10); 10. 28v Junior Vickman (9); 11. 20x Dusty Devine (3); 12. 98 Gene Berry (1); DNS: 72k Rick Kirkes
Lap Leaders: Shorty Burks 1-20
Hard Charger: Jeremy Morris +10


Enid’s DAM Racing David Millwee paced the pole of the 20 lap A Class main event with Trey Robb alongside. Ever heard that name? If so you know where this is going.

While positions are left to discuss, it definitely wasn’t for the win as the former USCS (Gulf Coast sprints) champ steamrolled in wire to wire fashion. Trey Robb didn’t just win, when he reached lapped traffic he put five of them down a lap in just three turns. 

Trey’s win meant a stock sweep for the brothers Robb as Gage topped Non Wing action earlier in the night.

Choctaw’s Bobby Springer had a roller coaster night, but it ended on a high note as he blasted from 16th to claim 2nd. Fletcher’s reigning A Class champion Blake Dacus started 17th and claimed third. 

As one could surmise by those numbers, despite the ongoing drought and six classes lashing away at it until 11pm, the track wasn’t short of grooves.

Chance Terrell is on a comeback trail of late and moved from 11th to finish fourth with Derrick McBride earning his second top five finish of the night in stock 600 action. 

Logan Davis earned his first career A Class heat race win, while Trey Robb and Mike Matherly best the two remaining heats for the 23 car field.

A Class A Feature (20 laps): 1. 12T Tey Robb (2); 2. 25s Bobby Springer (16); 3. 29 Blake Dacus (17); 4. 60x Chance Terrell (11); 5. 98 Derrick McBride (15); 6. 60 Bryan Nebgen (9); 7. 27D Jared Dunkin (8); 8. 25w Tommy White (20); 9. 32k Chris Kelly (10); 10. 36 Lloyd Smith (5); 11. 27 David Millwee (1); 12. 22 Teri Burk (13); 13. 17m Mike Matherly ; 14. 67 Joe Martin (22); 15. 45B Jeremy Butler (3); 16. 7R Justin Rogers (23); 17. 7LD Logan Davis (7); 18. 2B Brandon Boggs (14); 19. 73 Jason McDougal (18); 20. 73A Alex Sewell (19); 21. 33 Case Carter (21); 22. 57D Blaine Denny (6); DNS: 58 Philip Fessler
Lap Leaders: Trey Robb 1-20
Hard Charger: Bobby Springer / Blake Dacus +14

Stay tuned to for updated point standings Monday.

Thank you to everyone, on both sides of the fence, who took part in a great race tonight. Gear up because we are Going Green next Saturday at I-44 Riverside!
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