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Woods Scores First Career Win | Davidson Takes One For Texas | Bigger, Dodson, Anderson Score Repeat Wins at I-44 Riverside Speedway

Cody Morris
I-44 Riverside Speedway Official Release

Saturday, June 28th, 2014 (Monday, 6-30)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A wild and whacky night all the way around in Oklahoma City that featured performances good and bad at the speedway. Fenton Motors joined The Only 200mph Dirt Track in championing the first Kids Night since the speedway reopened following last year’s tornado.

Another packed house welcomed Champions Cup Round 12. The stellar audiences each week really have been something celebrate, as several hundred central Oklahoma race fans are supporting the speedway at a rate that the southwest OKC speedway hasn’t seen in years.

It’s enough to point out the irony that for so long all on the racing side of the fence kicked rocks on long nights wishing more cared and would come watch their endeavors. Well…….they are here. In spite of the fact that for the first two months of the season there were no stands, and the past month just one section and the rest just terraced lawn chair seating…..that support is here. 

The Hall Racing family of El Reno, Oklahoma recognized it. Amarillo, Texans by birth, these racing transplants have been that rare sort of awesome breed that each racing community wishes for.  As young Jack Hall launched his career in the Junior Sprint class earlier this year, they wanted to celebrate his birthday at the speedway and thought to turn Jack’s birthday into a celebration for all the kids involved in racing, on both sides of the fence.

What the Hall Racing family and Team Green Creations combined to do for the fans was very special, as a season best 15 Junior Sprints showed up in the celebration of the young crowd and came out at intermission, parking their cars in the spotlight on the front straight and meeting fans of their same age, while prizes and giveaways flew left and right. It was great to engage so many fans making their first ever trip to the speedway and all leaving amid smiles and a common theme that they can’t wait for the next race on Saturday, July 12th. Common question - what are Midgets? Come out at our next race on 7-12 and we’ll introduce you in similar fashion to the stars of the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series.

But that’s in two weeks. Tonight, we had some awesome moments to recap!


Richard Harvey Jr. paced the pole with Jordan Williams alongside in the largest weekly Junior Sprint event in recent memory with 16 entries vying for the win.

Anadarko’s Macy Roulain moved up from her P6 starting spot to lead the opening two laps before Chickasha’s Brant Woods battled by to lead the third round just before the red flag flew for a Tulsa’s Gunner Bowden, who tumbled hard in turn three, but was able to rejoin the field with a damaged wing.

Woods’ pursuit of his first career win has been well documented as he has led laps in four separate races this year and settled for 2nd place twice. 

Woods led with Emme Johnson and Lawton’s Junior Sprint Mid Season Champion Dylan Pendergrass fighting hard about a half dozen car lengths behind. 

Pendergrass won the battle for second on the heels of a lap 7 caution for debris somewhere on the track. But unlike any outing before in his career, Woods had the best right behind and stood stout, navigating endless lapped traffic with precision.

Pendergrass closed in a little as the final laps ticked away, but Woods’ will no longer be referred to as holding off the best, tonight - Kid’s Night presented Fenton Motors - Brant Woods was the best, earning his first career racing win aboard the Jim’s Diesel and Auto, Woods Mobile Repair, Woods Racing Team, Interstate Batteries, Harli White Racing, Dr. Blake Palmer, Bryan’s Car Corner supported #16 Intruder Chassis.

Pendergrass scored the first win of his young career back on opening night, and peeled off four in a row in the month after it, but tonight settled for runner up. 

Tulsa’s Shawn Mahaffey started 13th and rocked his #11 up to third for Hard Charger status. Emme Johnson and Ryder Laplante completed the top five finish. 

Laplante and Pendergrass earned heat race scores over the 16 car field.

Junior Sprint A Feature (20 laps): 1. 16 Brant Woods (8); 2. 22 Dylan Pendergrass (11); 3. 11 Shawn Mahaffey (13); 4. 12E Emme Johnson (9); 5. 88R Ryder Laplante (10); 6. 72c Kayden Cole (7); 7. 125 Macy Roulain (6); 8. 8 Gunner Bowden (14); 9. 33 Noah Babb (5); 10. 59JR Richard Harvey Jr. (1); 11. 1 Bryce Barnett (4); 12. 28 Connor Thompson (15); 13. 37 Jack Hall (3); 14. 05c Jordan Williams (2); 15. 72 Christopher Wells (12)
Lap Leaders: Macy Roulain 1-2, Brant Woods 3-20
Hard Charger: Shawn Mahaffey +10


Michael Kearnes and Caleb Thompson paced the front row of what was to be a disaster strewn A Class main event that suffered through 7 stoppages, which in turn shaved 5 laps off the original plan of 25.

Thompson spun on the first attempt to start the race, collecting El Reno’s Blake Dewberry. It seemed to do little damage to Dewberry, a two time A Class winner this season in the All American #29d, but on the ensuing complete restart Dewberry’s driveline was clearly broken as he pounded the wall in Turns 1 & 2 before stopping to bring out the 2nd yellow.

The third attempt was where chaos truly reigned as Kearnes spun up front, collecting Jared Dunkin, Logan Davis, Dillon Laden, amd Mike Matherly in a bunch up. Dunkin was first to hit and the pileup forced his machine on top of Kearnes’. They were quickly pulled apart and righted and all drivers were ok, although Kearnes sustained too much damage to continue.

This brings us to the 20 minute mark of the main event. Lloyd Smith led the first completed lap until the yellow came out a 4th time for Dillon Laden’s departed left rear tire. 

Smith led a couple more laps before Logan Davis was involved in his second yellow, with sister Sierra Davis involved in a mishap with Motherly a lap later.

I think that is 6 stoppages. 7 if we count the open red. The winged 600 racers were definitely vexed tonight.

Switching to green flag coverage, Smith led comfortably through the first half of the race with Chance Terrell and Michael Hall battling spiritedly for first challenger rights’, a battle that Hall won when Terrell was collected by the front straightaway wall with about 5 or 6 laps remaining.

On the restart, Amarillo’s Danny Davidson deposed Hall then Martin to lead the 16th lap. Davidson had fought his way from 19th, and once to the front was unchallenged, earning his first win this season.

Purdue Boilermaker Cody Grissom scored the runner up finish ahead of Michael Hall and Piedmont’s Grady Chandler who came from 20th to fourth. Newcastle native Derrick McBride completed the top five finish with a blast of his own from 17th to fifth.

Jim Woods, Michael Hall, and Caleb Thompson scored heat race wins over the 21 car field. Thompson’s win was his first of any kind in stock 600 action.

A Class A Feature (20 laps): 1. 16x Danny Davidson (19); 2. 76 Cody Grissom (12); 3. 95 Michael Hall (9); 4. 00 Grady Chandler (20); 5. 98 Derrick McBride (17); 6. 2B Brandon Boggs (14); 7. 17m Mike Matherly (13); 8. 32k Chris Kelly (7); 9. 27D Jared Dunkin (5); 10. 57 Mark Frymire (8); 11. 36 Lloyd Smith (4); 12. 60x Chance Terrell (11); 13. 7D Sierra Davis (6); 14. 14D Logan Davis (3); 15. 18 Dillon Laden (10); 16. 11 Michael Kearnes (1); 17. 83 Jim Woods (16); 18. 22 Teri Burk (15); 19. 29D Blake Dewberry (18); 20. 4T Caleb Thompson (2); DNS: 1x Dale Garvin
Lap Leaders: Lloyd Smith 1-15, Danny Davidson 16-20
Hard Charger: Davidson +18


Now this bunch produced a heck of a race. Dusty Devine paced the pole of the 20 lap Turf Tire main event with El Reno’s R9 winner Brian Penick alongside after original outside front row starter Alan Taylor opted to do so from the tail of the field.

Writing can hardly capture the action of this one as the top six were embroiled in a constant war, especially from 2nd to 6th. Brent Bartlett shoots video of all Riverside runs, he’s the man to see to relive this one.

Dusty Devine still aims for his first top five finish, and yet led the first 17 laps of this one.

It was the final five laps that caused controversy. First, last week’s Turf Tire winner Junior Vickman was turned around on a restart with five to go, which ended his run for the repeat. Just moments later, Devine was unsettled on the turn two exit and contact with El Reno’s 2012 Turf Tire champ and two time season winner Jeremy Penick sent Devine around. 

It was ruled that Penick could have avoided the leader, a point that Penick hotly contested, but a judgement call of razor thin margin. In any case, Penick was put to the tail of the field, handing the lead to another two time TT winner this season, by way of Snyder, Oklahoma - PFR teammate Josh Bigger.

Bigger earned win #3 aboard the 569 Motorsports, PFR Racing #21 with Zach Van Zant earning an eventful runner up finish. Rebounding from recent surgery, Willie Vickman scored a podium finish with point leader Jeremy Penick battling back up to 4th. Alan Taylor avoided the late race theatrics and was rewarded with a fifth place run.

Junior Vickman and Josh Bigger earned heat race wins.

Turf Tire A Feature (20 laps): 1. 21 Josh Bigger (6); 2. 14v Zach Van Zant (3); 3. 75 Willie Vickman (5); 4. 28 Jeremy Penick (9); 5. 8 Alan Taylor (2); 6. 20x Dusty Devine (1); 7. 6J Brandon Jones (10); 8. 33 Brian Penick (4); 9. 1x Shorty Burks (8); 10. 28v Junior Vickman (7)
Lap Leaders: Dusty Devine 1-17, Josh Bigger 18-20
Hard Charger: Bigger/Jeremy Penick +5


Cory Wiegart and Shelby Burk paced the front row of the 20 lap Non Wing main event with Wiegart settling into the early lead.

The lone caution flew on lap 6 when Anadarko’s Ryan Padgett spun and stalled. Cyril’s Cord Dodson cracked the top three not long after and worked past Wiegart at the halfway point.

Dodson dusted the field aboard the Mel Mark #7 with Derrick McBride advancing from 10th to the runner up spot. Cody Grissom earned a second top five run with his third place finish, while Newcastle’s Two Sisters Racing standout Shelby Burk scored fourth and Yukon’s Dillon Laden completed the top five finish.

Grissom and Padgett score NW heat race wins.

Non Wing A Feature (20 laps): 1. 7 Cord Dodson (11); 2. 98 Derrick McBride (10); 3. 76 Cody Grissom (7); 4. 50 Shelby Burk (2); 5. 18 Dillon Laden (3); 6. 2B Brandon Boggs (9); 7. 898 Ryan Padgett (8); 8. 32k Chris Kelly (4); 9. 28x Brian Martin (6); 10. 88 Tony Penick (5); 11. 3 Cory Wiegart (1); DNS: 1x Dale Garvin
Lap Leaders: Wiegart 1-10, Dodson 11-20
Hard Charger: Dodson +10


Five cars never fought as hard as this bunch did, shame their fellow brothers and sisters deserted them (in a sense). Anadarko’s Ryan Anderson started pole position and wired the field for his 2nd win of the season in the Anderson Wrecker #00R, but it was very eventful as he had to fight off his fellow four challengers at varying points in the 20 lap race.

Most notable was the Save of the Season when Bethany’s Matt Moore got under Anderson on the back chute in the final lap and shot under the leader entering turn three. Moore ran it as deep as he possibly could and connected with an infield tire - sending his #9m strong on to his right side, a form Moore maintained for several seconds before he miraculously saved it and salvaged 2nd.

Tanner Conn, Nathan Rainey, and Kaylee Sue Cole completed the run. Conn earned the heat race win earlier in the night.

Restricted A Feature (20 laps): 1. 00R Ryan Anderson (1); 2. 9m Matt Moore (5); 3. 78 Tanner Conn (4); 4. 99 Nathan Rainey (3); 5. 72c Kaylee Cole (2)
Lap Leaders: Ryan Anderson 1-20


I-44 Riverside Speedway will be closed Saturday, July 5th - taking a week off in observance of Independence Day. We will be back on Saturday, July 12th with the Lucas Oil POWRi West Midget Series as well as the return of the Outlaw micros, plus a full compliment of Champions Cup Round 13 featuring the A Class, Non Wing, Restricted, Turf Tire, and Junior Sprint divisions.

Stay tuned to I44 Riverside Speedway on Facebook as well as for details on this event, as well as the warm up word for the 15th Annual Mini Sprint Nationals just five weeks away!
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