Weekly Classes include A-Class, Non-Wing, Restrictor, Turf Tire & Jr Sprints.  If there is any change to these classes during special events the Comments section below will define which classes ARE running.  If you class is not listed that means that class will not be running during that event.


Race DateDayEventPit GateTrack HotComments
03/01/2014SaturdayPractice Canceled   
03/08/2014SaturdayPractice Canceled   
03/15/2014SaturdayPractice Canceled12:00pm2:00pm 
03/21/2014FridayInaugural Red Dirt Nationals Night One4:00pm6:00pm A-Class, Non-Wing, Turf Tire, Restrictor, Jr Sprints
03/22/2014SaturdayInaugural Red Dirt Nationals Night Two3:00pm5:00pm A-Class, Non-Wing,Turf Tire, Restrictor, Jr. Sprints
04/05/2014Saturday13th Annual Ryan Criaghead Memorial - Champions Cup Opener4:00pm6:00pmOpening Points Night - Weekly Classes
04/12/2014SaturdayBlue River Classic featuring POWRi West Midgets + Outlaws + TOWR vs. Oklahoma Part 1 - Champions Cup Round 2230pm515pmPOWRi West Midgets, Multis, (A-Class, Non-Wing, Restrictors) & Turf Tire, Jr Sprints
04/19/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 34:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
04/26/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 44:00pm6:00pmPOWRi West Midgets & Weekly Classes
05/03/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 54:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
05/10/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 64:00pm6:00pmPOWRi West Midgets & Weekly Classes
05/17/2014SaturdayGOING GREEN for Jeramiah - Champions Cup Round 74:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
05/31/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 84:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
06/07/2014SaturdayPOWRI WEST MIDGETS + Champions Cup Round 94:00pm6:00pmPOWRi West Midgets & Weekly Classes
06/14/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 104:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
06/21/2014SaturdayPOWRi WEST MIDGETS + Mid-season Championships - Champions Cup Round 114:00pm6:00pmPOWRi West Midgets + Mid Season Championship for Weekly Classes
06/28/2014SaturdayKids Night presented by Fenton Motors + Champions Cup Round 124:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
07/12/2014SaturdayPOWRi West Midgets + Outlaws + Champions Cup Round 133:00pm5:45pmPOWRi West Midgets + Outlaw/Multis + Weekly Classes
07/19/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 144:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
07/26/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 154:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
07/31/2014ThursdayPractice Canceled Due to Rain4:00pm6:00pm 
08/01/2014Friday15th Annual Mini Sprint Nationals Heats & Quals4:00pm6:00pmOutlaw, A-Class, Non-Wing, Restricted, Turf Tire, Jr Sprints
08/02/2014Saturday15th Annual Mini Sprint Nationals Finale4:00pm6:00pmOutlaw, A-Class, Non-Wing, Restricted, Turf Tire, Jr Sprints
08/09/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 164:00pm6:00pmPOWRi West Midgets & Weekly Classes
08/16/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 174:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
08/23/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 184:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
09/06/2014SaturdayRed River Showdown Part 2 - Oklahoma vs. Texas + Champions Cup Round 194:00pm6:00pmPOWRi West Midgets, Oklahoma vs. TOWR (A-Class, NW, Rest) +Turf Tire , Jr Sprints
09/13/2014SaturdayChampions Cup Round 194:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes
09/20/2014SaturdayLucas Oil POWRi West + Oklahoma vs. Texas + Champions Cup Round 204:00pm6:00pmPOWRi West Midgets, Oklahoma vs. TOWR (A Class, Non Wing, and Restricted) + Turf Tire and Junior Sprints
09/26/2014FridayChampionship Weekend Night 1 - Champions Cup Round 21 (9-6 makeup)4pm630pmChampions Cup Classes
09/27/2014Saturday2nd Annual Jimmy King Classic - Champions Cup Finale 4:00pm6:00pmWeekly Classes - Final Points Race
10/10/2014Friday2nd Annual Twister Nationals Night One4:00pm6:00pmPOWRi West Midgets + A Class, Non Wing, Resricted, Turf Tire, and Junior Sprints
10/11/2014Saturday2nd Annual Twister Nationals Night Two4:00pm6:00pmPOWRi West Midgets + A Class, Non Wing, Restricted, Turf Tire, and Junior Sprints
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