Track Info

Physical Address
4100 SW 149th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Directions: Southwest of Oklahoma City on I-44 to exit 109, Then ¼ mile East of I-44 on SW 149th St
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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 57105

Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Contact Details
Business Phone (Speedway): 405-633-1583
Public Relations: Cody Morris 405-641-4139

Promoter and Manager: Mark Banister and Gloria Banister
Director of Competition: Kevin Lemons
Director of Public Relations: Cody Morris

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Track Specifications
Type: Banked Clay Oval
Surface: Dirt
Size: 1/5 mile

Classes & Rules

Races on Saturday:

  • Pit Gate opens at 4pm
  • Grandstands open at 5pm
  • Drivers Sign in ends at 6pm
  • Drivers Meeting at 6:15pm
  • Hot laps begin at 6:30pm
  • Races START at 7pm

Grandstand Ticket Prices *special event pricing may vary

  •  $10 for Adults
  •  $8 for Senior’s & Military w/ID
  •  $5 Teens 13-19
  •  $3 Kids 6-11 
  •  Kids 5 and under admitted FREE with an accompanying adult

Pit Passes

  • $25

For All Racers:

  • For all events - all racers must be signed by 6pm, unless officially stated otherwise by Promoter Mark Banister via official speedway releases. Any late sign ins will start at the tail of the field in both heat and feature.
  • All Champions Cup / weekly event lineups will be based on inverted point average. Each racer's point average can be viewed on the point standings page. Heat Races and Features will be lined up by point average, lowest in the front and moving back per order of point average. 

NEW RACE FORMAT - effective July 12th, 2014 for all Champions Cup (weekly) events:

Heat races will be continue to be lined up by INVERTED point average, BUT the heat race finish will determine the main event lineup in the following fashion.

For any class with 12 entries or more, the top 4 in heat races will retain their point average for the main event. ***For instance - a 21 car field would be divided in to 3 heat races. The top 4 finishers of those heats would keep their point average, and they would be lined up with the lowest point average in front, highest among those in the back. The remainder of the main event lineup would be comprised of the 5th place finishers, then 6th, and so on depending on car count.

If a division has 10 or 11 entries, the top 3 of the two heats will keep their point average.
If a division 8 or 9 entries, the top 2 of the heats will keep their point average.
Any division with 7 entries or less will BOTH their heat race and main event lined up solely by inverted point average, as that division would only have one heat and one feature.

If a division has more than one heat, this formula will be applied. As long as there are 8 cars or more in a division, they will have at least two heats. And as long as there are 12 entries to a division - it will be the top 4 in each heat that retain their point average. The only high end number in which this would be altered is if there are 5 heats, in that event the number of automatic transfers retaining their point average may decrease from 4 to 3.

I-44 Riverside Speedway Champions Cup Point System (all 2014 weekly events) 

All racers receive 25 show up points upon signing in and officially entering a Champions Cup contest


1. 25
2. 20
3. 15
4. 10
5th place and all remaining direct A Feature transfers receive 5 points. 

All cars transferring to the A Feature receive 5 points
All non transfers that take a competitive green receive 20 points

1. 150
2. 140
3. 130
4. 120
5. 110
6. 100
7. 95
8. 90
9. 85
10. 80
11. 75
12. 70
13. 65
14. 60
15. 55
16. 50
17. 45
18. 40
19. 35
20th and all remaining A Feature starters - 30 

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