Saturday night Full Program will include all IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA Southern SportMods, Street Stocks, Factory Stocks, Jr Minis and RaceSaver 305 Sprints all on the big track unless otherwise noted.  Mini Sprints will run in 2014 on select Saturday nights, see below.


Race DateDayEventPit GateTrack HotComments
02/16/2014SundayPractice12:00pm All Classes 2:00pm - 5:00pm
02/28/2014FridayPractice4:00pm All Classes 6:00pm - 10:00pm
03/01/2014SaturdaySpring Kick-Off3:00pm6:00pmFull Program Less Jr. Minis
03/02/2014SundaySpring Kick-Off12:00pm2:00pmFull Program Less Jr. Minis and RaceSaver 305 Sprints
03/08/2014SaturdayCanceled due to weather3:00pm7:00pmOpening Points Night
03/15/2014SaturdayCanceled due to weather3:00pm7:00pmMod Lites added to program
03/22/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
03/29/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmTOWR Mini Sprints
04/05/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
04/12/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
04/19/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
04/26/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmDemolition Derby (Compact Cars Only) - TOWR Mini Sprints - No Jr. Minis
05/03/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmFan Appreciation Night & Kid's Boxcar Race
05/10/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
05/17/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmWing Modifieds added to program
05/24/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmKid's Ride on Car Night. $1.00 Hot Dog Night
05/31/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmTOWR Mini Sprints
06/07/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmBicycle Race & $15 a Car Load Night
06/14/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmMod Lites added to program
06/21/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmTrailer Race
06/28/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmSport Compacts Added
07/12/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
07/19/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmDemolition Derby - Compact Cars Only.
07/26/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmTOWR Mini Sprints
08/02/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
08/09/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
08/16/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
08/23/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmTOWR Mini Sprints
08/30/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
09/06/2014SaturdayFull Program - No Points3:00pm7:00pmNo Points
09/13/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmMod Lites added to program
09/20/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pm 
09/27/2014SaturdayFull Program3:00pm7:00pmFinal Point Night and Trailer Race - TOWR Mini Sprints
10/02/2014Thursday8th Annual Showdown Practice4:00pm All Classes - 6:00pm - 10:00pm
10/03/2014Friday8th Annual Showdown4:00pm7:00pmIMCA Modifieds- IMCA Southern SportMods- IMCA Stock Cars- Street Stocks- Factory Stocks and 305 sprints
10/04/2014Saturday8th Annual Showdown3:00pm6:00pmIMCA Modifieds- IMCA Southern SportMods- IMCA Stock Cars- Street Stocks- Factory Stocks and 305 sprints
11/29/2014SaturdayTexas Gobbler11:00am2:00pmIMCA Modifieds- IMCA Southern SportMods- IMCA Stock Cars- Street Stocks- Factory Stocks-Jr Mini and Demo Derby
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