3.5 HP Rules

3.5 HP Pure Stock    (Ages 4 to 7)

1. Drive Train
• Must be chain or belt driven
• Chain guard must be in place between chain and driver
• Aluminum axles allowed.
• After market racing wheels allowed.
• Must be live axle.

2.  Brakes
• Must have minimum one (1) wheel brake in rear.
• Brakes must be in good working order.
• Brakes may be checked at pre-tech.

3.  Engine  Only 3 or 3.5 hp Briggs engines allowed to receive points. (I/C engines ok)            
a            Block
• No motorsport engines or parts allowed.
• Engine must meet specifications for make and model.
• Replacement parts must be OEM as supplied by your motor manufacture.
• NO MILLING, porting, or polishing allowed.
• Maximum .030 over bore allowed.  Must use stock 3.5 hp piston.          
b             Flywheels
• Stock steel flywheels only. (This means Stock diameter and stock thickness!) DO NOT REMOVE MATERIAL
• Stock keyway must be in place, unaltered.           
c            Carburetion
• Diaphragm style carburetors at the 250 minimum weight limit.
• Bowl style carburetor allowed no larger than #32
• Stock air cleaner or After market air filter allowed, and
• No muffler required.  May use straight pipe with flanged end,
• Carb must remain stock with NO MODIFICATIONS.
• Gasoline ONLY - NO Additives.
d            Clutch
• Must have working clutch.
• Any shoe clutch is allowed, but no wet or disc clutches.
• Fuel Pumps allowed.  

4.  Tires – Any racing tire allowed. (Turf tires will be allowed in the 3.5 hp classes).

5.   Weight – Minimum weight 250 pounds

6.   Any pipe.

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