6.5 HP "Pure Stock" Rules

PURE STOCK                     (Ages 7 to 14)

1. Drive train
• Must be live axle kart.
• Must be chain or belt driven.
• Chain guard must be in place between chain and driver.
• Aluminum axles allowed.
• Any Shoe clutch is allowed. No Wet or Disc Clutches, centrifugal only.

2. Brakes
• Must have minimum one (1) wheel brakes in the rear.
• Brakes must be in good working order.

3. Engine REQUIREMENTS            
a            Block
• Stock Briggs & Stratton “Intec” (206cc) engine - only.
• Engine must meet specifications for make and model as supplied by manufacturer.            
b            Carburetion
• Carburetors must be #30, #32, #34 OR #36 carburetors only
• No Modifications allowed to carburetor
• Stock plastic intake that comes with motor only – no drilling
• Gasoline ONLY with no additives.            
c            Engine
• May remove governor, any air cleaner
• Must run flywheel key in stock position. (No advanced timing)
• Valve Springs (can run Briggs #26826) and Stock Retainers per manufactures specs.
• Flywheel must be stock for make and model
• Must run stock plastic cams only            
d            Cylinder Head / Valves (NO MODIFICATIONS)
• Must have EPA D-port mark present inside head.
• Must have stock valves including diameter.

4   TIRES - grooved or slick racing tires are preferred, but turf tires will be allowed in this class.

5   WEIGHT – Minimum weight of 290 pounds is required.

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