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The road course event scheduled for 1-7-2017 has been rescheduled for 1-14-2017 due to weather!  It was looking to be 24 degrees at gate open this weekend....Next weekend we should be in the 60-70 range!  Thanks for your support and understanding!

The TENTATIVE 2017 racing schedule is UP!!!  Dates subject to change!  

****Important for racers!!!!  For 2017 please keep up with points and make sure they are CORRECT!  We will NOT go back over two weeks to fix the points!!!!!!!!!!!

Battle at the Big Top V is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mark your calendars NOW!!!  This will be the event you will NOT want to miss!!!  April 3-8  Exciting news coming soon for this event!


The winter schedule continues this weekend on the Road Course  Jan 7 and 8. Gates open at 10 am practice at 11 and racing at 1230 pm  Spectators are admitted FREE!  Come to the SOUTH tunnel and sign in!  Racers need to go to credentials and sign in!  

We will conclude the Winter Schedule on the famed "1/4" mile on the front stretch of Texas Motor Speedway Feb 11 and 12!

BATTLE AT THE BIG TOP IV MONDAY, April 4 – PARK & PRACTICE 12:00 PM Gates & Parking Open 2:00 PM Registration & Transponder Pickup Opens 5:30 PM Driver's Meeting 6:00 PM Practice Begins by Race Order for Week* 10:00 PM Registration & Transponder Pickup Closes 10:00 PM Practice Ends TUESDAY, April 5 – WEDNESDAY, April 6 4:50 PM Pits Cleared *Anyone caught in pits will have their fastest lap taken from them* 5:00 PM Pit Gates Open 5:00 PM Registration/Transponders Opens 5:20 PM Registration/Transponders Closes 5:20 PM Driver's Meeting - Random Roll Call 6:00 PM Open Practice Begins - Bandolero/Legends (5 Laps) 6:25 PM Open Practice Ends 6:30 PM Practice/Qualifying Begins by Race Order - 2 Rounds ONLY - 6 Laps 7:30 PM Practice/Qualifying Ends 7:32 PM Invocation/National Anthem 7:35 PM Racing Begins* 7:35 PM Bandit Feature 20 Laps 7:55 PM Outlaw Feature 20 Laps 8:15 PM Young Lion Feature 25 Laps 8:40 PM Semi Pro Feature 25 Laps 9:05 PM Masters Feature 25 Laps 9:30 PM Pro Feature 25 Laps 10:00 PM SHOW COMPLETE THURSDAY, April 7 4:50 PM Pits Cleared *Anyone caught in pits will start at the rear of their heat race* 5:00 PM Pit Gates Open 5:00 PM Registration/Transponders Opens 5:20 PM Registration/Transponders Closes 5:20 PM Driver's Meeting - Random Roll Call **Thursday lineups will be created by pill draw in Driver’s Meeting** 7:25 PM Invocation/National Anthem 7:30 PM Racing Begins* FRIDAY, April 8 – SATURDAY, April 9 **Saturday’s race will be a National Qualifier** **ALL DIVISION CHAMPSIONS MUST STAY THROUGH DUCK COMMANDER 500 OPENING CEREMONIES TO RECEIVE RING** 9:50 AM Pits Cleared 10:00 AM Pit Gates Open 10:15 AM Registration/Transponders Opens 10:30 AM Driver's Meeting - Random Roll Call 11:00 AM Open Practice Begins - 5 Laps 11:25 AM Open Practice Ends 11:30 AM Practice/Qualifying Begins 6 Laps 12:20 PM Practice/Qualifying Ends 12:25 PM Invocation/National Anthem 12:30 PM Racing Begins* 3:00PM SHOW COMPLETE *Race order will remain the same throughout the week

We want to give a HUGE Thanks to all of our drivers and fans at Lil Texas Motor Speedway!  We are looking forward to a GREAT 2016 and hope that you will come and be part of the USLCI/Texas Motor Speedway Racing family!

Make sure to visit Central Texas Speedway in Kyle TX!  Another INEX sanctioned facility with GREAT events through out the year!


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