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The following is the “proposed” schedule for 2016.  We are really amping up our program here to try and bring this program back to where it needs to be!


March 12

March 13


March 26

March 27


April 3 Practice Battle at the Big Top

April 4 Race 1 Battle at the Big Top

April 5 Race 2 Battle at the Big Top

April 6 Race 3 Battle at the Big Top

April 7 Race 4 Battle at the Big Top

April 8 Race 5 Battle at the Big Top


April 23

April 24



May 28

May 29


June 9 INDY weekend

June 10

June 11


June 25




July 21 Summer Stampede 1 and 2 DOUBLE


July 28 Summer Stampede 3 and 4 DOUBLE


Aug 4 Summer Stampede 5

Aug 5 Summer Stampede 6…..This is our first Friday night appearance


Aug 11 Summer Stampede 7

Aug 12 Summer Stampede 8

Aug 13 Summer Stampede 9 and 10 FINALE DOUBLE


Aug 27

Aug 28


Sept 17

Sept 18


If you missed the races last weekend...you missed a LOT!  There were a lot of enthusiastic fans in the stands that will be back for more!  The racing was SPECTACULAR!  Michael Dabney, JR had his hands full with Matthew Barnard and Ryan Eyer!  Dabney prevailed but it was exciting to watch the competition!

This is the races for the rest of the season at Texas Motor Speedway and Central Texas Speedway

Aug 15 TMS

Aug 16 TMS

Aug 29 CTS

Sept 4 TMS

Sept 5 TMS

Sept 12 CTS

Sept 26 CTS

Oct 2 TMS


These are ALL National point races!!!  We have dropped the 9/12-9/13 races at TMS to accommodate CTS!

Summer Stampede #8 is in the books and here are the results.

1st - #1 Dalton Arnold (O)

1st - #50 Michael Dabney Jr (P)
2nd - #08 Sean Glennon (M)
3rd - ‪#‎M16‬ Coby Henslee (YL)
4th - ‪#‎B00‬ Tyson Goudy (YL)
5th - ‪#‎62K‬ Kamera McDonald (YL)
6th - ‪#‎3c‬ John Copeland (M)
7th - #62 Tim McDonald (M)
8th - #180 Jeff Davis (P)
9th - #33 Ted Minor (M)
10th - #76 Eddy Legan (M)
11th - #070 Zad Alsharif (SP)
12th - #4 Randy Yates (M)
13th - #007 Sam Jaber (SP)

Don't forget next week to come to credentials.

Results from July 9 Summer Stampede

1st - Dalton Arnold, #1, Outlaw

1st - Michael Dabney Jr, #50, Pro
2nd - Josh Gilbert, #12, Pro
3rd - Nathan Wilson, #16, Pro
4th - Matthew Barnard, #357, Pro
5th - Kamera McDonald, #62K, Young Lions
6th - Tyson Goudy, #B00, Young Lions
7th - Sean Glennon, #08, Masters
8th - Randy Miles, #2, Masters
9th - Jeff Davis, #180, Pro
10th - Tim McDonald, #62, Masters
11th - John Copeland, #3c, Masters
12th - Randy Yates, #4, Masters
13th - Mike Reid,#88, Masters
14th - Coby Henslee, #M16, Young Lions
15th - DeWayne Irwin, #308, Masters
16th - Ted Minor, #33, Masters

Make sure to visit some of the GREAT INEX Sanctioned tracks in the area!!!  Houston Motorsports Park, Central Texas Speedway, and Revolution Park in Monroe LA


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