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Get READY!!!!!  TRIPLE Header weekend comes to Lil Texas Motor Speedway!!!!  September 26,27 and 28!!!!  This is a HUGE 3 day event that will end the season points for this region!!!!!  This can be pivitol for those racing for THE National Championships!!!!!!  Feel free to come race with us and get some of those coveted NATIONAL points in your quest to be THE NUMBER 1 in the NATION!!!!

This weekend(Sept 19-21) the sky is the limit!!!  We have GREAT racing going on  at two FANTASTIC facilites!!!  Revolution Park in Monroe LA has a TRIPLE header racing Friday Saturday and Sunday and The Palace of Power Houston Motorsports Park has a double on Saturday(Sept 20) night!!!  The reason for the doubles and triples is rainouts from previous races!  These are some of the final points of the season so ...come get ya some!!!!

Join us THIS weekend...Aug 23 at Revolution Park in Monroe, LA  We are expecting a HUGE number of cars PLUS it is Whelen Law Enforcement and Military night!!!!  Revolution Park is located on I-20 Monroe LA  It will be DOUBLE race night for the Legends and Bandolero's PLUS the first race is for the TEXAS CHAMP Series!

Congrats to Michael Dabney Jr. for winning the first annual "Indian Chief 40" presented by Fort Worth Indian Motorcycles and to Kamera McDonald for taking the win in the "Papoose" for the Bandolero's!

Fort Worth Indian Motorcycle is on board with a BIG race on Aug 9!!!!  This will be after the final race of the 2014 Summer Stampede and is a great payout through the field!  24 cars on the 1/4 mile!

Next TEXAS CHAMP Race is July 12 at Central Texas Speedway (KYLE,TX)

The TEXAS Champ Series is well under way!  GREAT tracks such as Revolution Park (Monroe LA) Houston Motorsports Park, Central Texas Speedway, and of course Texas Motor Speedway all on the schedule!  The points are close and lining up like this...

Young Lion, Goudy (1) Henslee (TIE 2) Hickenbottom (TIE 2) Barnard (4) Mitchell (5) Harvey (6)

Semi Pro Ali (TIE 1) Thomasson (TIE 1) Sogge (TIE 3) Call (TIE 3) Sekera (5) Hemphill (6)

Master Goudy (TIE 1) D Irwin (TIE 1) Glennon (3)Mixon (4) C Irwin (TIE 5) Miles (TIE 5) Harden (TIE 7) Tatum (TIE 7) Dean (TIE9) Williams (TIE9) Morris (11) Glass (12) Davis (13

Pro Dabney (TIE 1) Gilbert (TIE 1) Heskett (TIE 3) Hogan (TIE 3) Davis (TIE 5) Lynch (TIE 5) Cooksey (7)

Bandolero's Arnold (1) Legg (2) Cisneros (3) Aramendia (4) Offutt (5) Hicks (6) Fernandez (7) Barker (8) 


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