About Lone Star Legends

Tracks at Texas Motor Speedway:

Lil' Texas - 1/5 mile asphalt banked oval

TMS 1/4 Mile - 1/4 mile asphalt flat oval on the front stretch of Texas Motor Speedway

TMS Road Course - road course in the infield of Texas Motor Speedway

Other INEX tracks in the region:

Central Texas Speedway, Kyle TX


Note:  These rules are subject to change during the racing season.  The official’s interpretation of these rules is FINAL.

These rules only apply to races held at Texas Motor Speedway.  If a driver should have any questions about the particular procedures at a certain track, that driver should direct their questions to the Race Director at that track.  All “on track” or race procedural disputes, protests or concerns should also be directed to the Race Director during the day or night of the event.  Any disputes, protests or concerns will involve ONLY the Race Director and driver, or Race Director, driver and one parent if the driver is under the age of 18. 

1.     CHECK IN:  All participants must be signed in prior to the mandatory Driver’s Meeting.  Only the driver may sign his/her self in.  No one can sign you in, or draw for you.

2.     DRIVER’S MEETING:  All participants must attend all Driver’s Meetings.  Roll Call may be taken for your division.  Failure to not attend without notifying the Chief Pit Steward or Race Director prior to the meeting will result in the driver starting from the rear of the field in his/her Feature race.  Any driver under the age of 18 must have a parent with them at the drivers meeting.  If you are caught talking or disturbing the Driver’s Meeting, you will start at the back of you Feature race.

3.     TECH INSPECTION PROCEDURES:  All cars are required to pass post race technical inspection.  The Tech Inspectors will notify drivers in the Driver’s Meeting what cars from each class will be required to pass through the Tech Inspection area.  Failure to report directly to the Tech area when asked, or failure of a car to pass tech inspection will result in an automatic disqualification from that event.  (Ex.  If a car fails to report directly to Tech, or does not pass Tech after a qualifying run or Heat race, that driver’s qualifying run or Heat race finish will be disqualified.  If a car fails to report directly to Tech, or the car does not pass Tech after a Feature race, that driver will be disqualified, and no points or payout, if any, will be awarded for that event.)  The driver is responsible for the legality of his/her car.  Tech Inspectors represent INEX, and enforce only the rules in the INEX rulebook, the Tech Inspectors have nothing to do with calls made on the track.  In the event that Texas Motor Speedway track rules, and rules in the INEX rulebook conflict, Texas Motor Speedway track rules will apply.

4.     QUALIFYING:  Drivers may only attempt to qualify one car per division in either Timed Qualifying or Heat Races.  If you choose to start a car in the Feature race that is different from the one you qualified, you must first notify a race official, and you will start at the back of your Feature race.

5.     FEATURE LINE-UPS:  Feature line-ups will be based on Heat Race finish positions.  Feature events will be inverted based on the roll of the dice.  Possible inverts will be 0,2,3,4,5 or 6.  The inversion dice may be rolled for each division or one roll for all divisions.  Inversions are possible at anytime according to the Race Director.

6.     PRE-RACE LINE UP:  All cars will line up in the designated staging area prior to their respective Qualifying, Heat, and Feature races.  Any car not staged and ready to go when the race is called on to the track will not be permitted to start the race, or will be relegated to start in the rear of the field at the discretion of the Race Director.  It is the driver’s responsibility to present his/her car for a race on time.  Once the initial green flag of a Qualifying Run, Heat or Feature is dropped, a driver may not use a backup car (even if an entire lap is not completed).  If a car is scratched from an event, all cars in the same row of the car scratched will move up in line, no criss-crossing.

7.     INITIAL RACE STARTS:  All initial race starts will take place in the “start box” when the green flag is dropped.  All initial starts will be double file, nose-to-tail starts at a consistent medium speed.  When the green flag is dropped, all cars may begin racing and passing.  If a car jumps the start before the box, you will be given a warning. The second offense will send that car to the rear. If a caution comes out before the first lap is complete, there will be a complete double file re-start with the driver(s) that causes the caution going to the rear. All rows will move straight up.  If the Race Director can’t decide who caused the caution, there will be a complete re-start.

8.     RE-STARTS:  All re-starts will take place in the “start box” when the green flag is dropped.  All re-starts will be single file in a nose-to-tail formation at a consistent medium speed if one or more official laps have been scored.  For re-starts, drivers will line up single file, nose-to-tail, based on the order that they crossed the Start/Finish line on the previous lap.    Lapped cars are not required to go to the back on re-starts; they can maintain their position on the track.  A lapped car may choose to go to the rear of the field on a re-start if he/she desires.  If a lapped car goes to the rear of the field on a re-start, he/she will remain a lap or more down.  Drivers choosing not to go to their designated positions at an official’s request may be relegated to the rear of the field or to the pits at the official’s discretion.  All cars should maintain a nose-to-tail line up from the time of the caution.  Please hold your position.  It may be necessary for emergency crews to go around you.  The “Choose Rule” will be used at Race Director’s discretion. In the event the Choose Rule is used, any driver choosing to go to the outside on the restart will be locked into that position once you pass the cone on the backstretch. Any driver that was responsible for the caution will not be allowed to choose. Any driver returning from the hot pit area will not be allowed to choose.

9.     JUMPING ON STARTS AND RE-STARTS:  Any driver who begins racing and passing, or is not in a nose-to-tail formation before the green flag is dropped on initial starts and on re-starts may be relegated to the rear of the field.  This includes bumping in rear bumper before the green flag falls.  If a driver is caught jumping a second time in the same event, they will be disqualified, and relegated to the pits, and no points will be awarded to that driver.

10.  THREE CAUTION RULE:  Any driver involved in three yellow flags per event, for any reason, will be black flagged from the event and relegated to the pits.

11.  SPINOUTS:  Drivers that spin out on the track must try to get going immediately and not stop the race.  If anyone is deemed to deliberately stop a race, they will be penalized accordingly.  If you should spin to the infield grass area, do not spin your tires.  You will not only tear up the grass, but you will also throw debris on to the track.  Anyone spinning his or her tires in the grass is subject to disqualification at the Race Director’s discretion.  Re-entry to the racetrack should occur on the straight-aways only.  If you spin, and your car cannot get going on its own, it will be assumed that there is a problem with that car, and that car must first go to the pits before re-entering the racetrack. 


**  Heat Races:

·         If you leave the track for any reason during a heat race you will not be allowed back onto the race track under any circumstance.

** Feature Races:

·         If for any reason your car leaves the racetrack and goes to the HOT pits, you will only be able to re-enter the racetrack during a caution period, and you will re-start at the rear of the field.  You must have permission from a race official before you can re-enter the track.  Anything outside of the racetrack itself, including roads leading to the pits and staging areas, will be considered to be part of the pit area.  If a car goes into the pit area for any reason during a race, it will not be allowed back in that race.


             ***The Red Flag shall be used if, in the opinion of the Lone Star Legends officials, the practice or race                should be stopped immediately.  Cars should be brought to a stop in an area designated by LSL officials.    Repairs or service of any nature or refueling will not be permitted when the race is halted due to the Red Flag.

             ***The car that brought out the red flag will not be allowed to compete further in that race.  If a car brings out a Red Flag in a heat, they will be allowed to start in their position in the feature.  The Red Flagged car will not be eligible for an invert.

13.  ROUGH DRIVING:  Rough driving will not be tolerated (See 21 D).  If anyone is observed causing other drivers to spin or lose control of their car, that driver will be warned, penalized or disqualified at the Race Director’s discretion.  PLEASE RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE’S EQUIPMENT!

14.  PASSING:  It is the responsibility of both the overtaking and overtaken driver to assure safe passing at racing speeds.  A driver being overtaken must give the overtaking driver a lane to race.  A driver traveling alone may use the full width of the racetrack, but once he/she is challenged, they must choose a lane to race in.  If your car is faster than the car in front of you, it does not mean that you have a right to be in front of that car, you must race for that position.  Just because you are in front of a car, it does not mean that you have the right to maintain your position.  You must race to keep it.  If there is a caution, ALL cars involved in the caution will be sent to the rear of the field.  If the Race Director feels that you have stopped or spun to avoid a wreck, you will get your spot back.

15.  ACCIDENT RULES (ALL INVOLVED):  Any driver’s deemed to be part of a caution will be sent to the rear of the field for the re-start if he/she is able to continue.  This applies to both initial starts and re-starts.  If two cars make side to side or front to rear contact and a caution occurs, both cars will go to the rear of the field and will restart according to the running order at the last completed lap.  If the Race Director feels that this action was deliberate, you will be black flagged.

16.  BLACK FLAG:  A black flag will be given to any driver that is losing a part on their racecar, smoking badly, deemed unsafe, or to assess a driver penalty.  A driver may also be black flagged if his/her bumper has become unattached from his/her car in any way, on either side.  The driver will have three laps (yellow or green) to leave the track, or the yellow will be thrown to remove the driver.  If there are less than three laps remaining in a race, and a driver ignored the black flag, that driver will be scored two laps down from where they already are at the end of the race.  When the black flag is thrown, that driver should seek immediate consultation with a race official as for the reason for the black flag.  Decisions on black flags will be made at the discretion of the Race Director. 

17.  WORKING ON CARS:  All work on the racecar must be done in the drivers HOT pit area, or any area which is designated at the Driver’s Meeting.  Work will not be done on the racetrack, staging lane, or in the common areas of the pits. 

18.  LAPPED DRIVERS:  If a driver is shown the blue and orange “move over” flag for two consecutive laps and does not move out of the racing groove to allow faster drivers to pass, a black flag will be displayed to that driver.  Remember that if you were just lapped by the leader, there will be more cars coming!  Just because a lapped car should move out of the leaders way, it does not mean they always will.  It is still the driver’s responsibility that is coming up on lapped traffic to go around them in a safe manner.

19.  CARS MOVING THROUGH THE PITS:  Cars moving through the pits or infield will do so with extreme caution and at a minimal speed (5mph maximum).  Any driver deemed driving dangerous, erratic, or of inappropriately excessive speed will be penalized and/or suspended accordingly.  No one, except the driver is allowed to ride in or on the racecar at any time.  Anyone not adhering to this rule may risk immediate disqualification from the entire event.  If your car is moving under power on TMS property, all required safety equipment will be used appropriately.

20.  SAFETY EQUIPMENT:  All drivers must adhere to the Safety Rules listed in the INEX rulebook at all times the car is in motion.  All Lone Star Legend competitors will be required to wear a full-faced helmet and a head and neck restraint (hans, hutchins).

21.  UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT:  There will be no harassment of officials, safety crews, ambulance crews, spectators, or other drivers and crews.  Any unsportsmanlike conduct on the track, in the pits, or in spectator areas, may result in the fining and/or suspension of the driver.  Drivers are responsible for the actions of all pit crewmembers and will be penalized accordingly for their actions.  Anyone who willfully or maliciously uses a racecar on the track or in the pits to injure, destroy or damage another person or property will be suspended.  You are professionals and are expected to act accordingly.  Conduct actions and the subsequent penalties for such actions are as follows:

a.     Profanity directed toward TMS Officials or another competitor:

                                          i.    1st offense – minimum $100 fine

                                         ii.    2nd offense – minimum $250 fine and 2-race suspension

b.    Discourteous gesture directed toward TMS Officials or another competitor:

                                          i.    1st offense – minimum $100 fine and 1-race suspension

                                         ii.    2nd offense – minimum $250 fine and 2-race suspension

c.     Intentional car to car contact with another competitor under caution or after the conclusion of an event:

                                          i.    1st offense – minimum $100 fine

                                         ii.    2nd offense – minimum $250 fine and 1-race suspension

d.    Intentional crashing of a competitor’s car:

                                          i.    1st offense – minimum $500 fine and 2-race suspension

                                         ii.    2nd offense – minimum $1000 fine and 4-race suspension

e.     Any physical contact with a TMS Official or another competitor:

                                          i.    1st offense – minimum $250 fine and 1-race suspension

                                         ii.    2nd offense – minimum $500 fine and 2-race suspension

f.     Any pre-determined action taken against another competitor:

                                          i.    1st offense – minimum $1000 fine and 4-race suspension Intentional car to car contact with another competitor under caution or after the conclusion of an event

                                         ii.    2nd offense – minimum $2500 fine and 1-year suspension

g.    Any driver stopping on race track to argue a decision:

                                          i.    1st offense – minimum $250 fine and 2-race suspension

                                         ii.    2nd offense – minimum $500 fine and 1-year suspension

h.     Drain plug falling off of a race car:

              i    1st offense – minimum $100 fine

             ii     2nd offense – minimum $250 fine

i.      Any driver in the pit area after the races are over more than 1 hour without special permission.

              i.    1st offense – minimum $100 fine

             ii.   2nd offense – minimum $250 fine

Conduct penalty fines are payable to Speedway Children’s Charities and must be paid in full prior to competing in another event.  Drivers are also subject to conduct penalties outlined in the INEX rulebook.

22.  GETTING OUT OF YOU CAR ON THE RACETRACK:  Drivers may not get out of their cars except in an emergency (such as fire or fuel leak) or if requested by an official.  If you are in a safe place in the infield, and the race remains green, do not take off your helmet or unbuckle your safety harness until you are brought safely back into the pit area.

23.  MECHANICAL ISSUES:  Use good judgment when your car malfunctions by staying out of the racing groove so as not to hinder others.  Check all drain plugs and gas caps before your race so we can minimize caution periods and be able to give all of the drivers more track time for their events.  If the racing schedule is altered because a drain plug comes off of a car, you will be subject to a fine.  The driver is responsible for his/her car.

24.  ALCOHOL:  There will be no alcoholic beverages allowed in the pits.  Violators will be suspended for a period of time determined by race officials.  Remember, drivers are responsible for their friends, family and crewmembers.

25.  CONSULTING WITH RACE OFFICIALS:  Anyone causing a disturbance at the flag stand or on the track with an official will be suspended.  The Race Director will be available at the end of the event to discuss any issues that may have come up during the course of the event.  The Race Director, and race officials will ONLY consult with the driver, or the driver and one parent if the driver is under 18 years old. 

26.  POINTS:    Any questions, disputes, or concerns must be settled before the end of the event.  Texas Motor Speedway is responsible for turning results in to INEX for races run ONLY at Texas Motor Speedway.  Lone Star Legends will make every possible effort to make sure other INEX sanctioned tracks get results turned in to INEX, but it is ultimately each track’s responsibility to turn in their own results.  Texas Motor Speedway track points will be added at the end of the year and we will drop (3) race from the total of races run this season.

27.  PROTESTING:  Any protests for the technical legality of a racecar will be made with the Tech officials in accordance with the INEX rulebook.  Any protests involving “on track” calls will be made directly to the Race Director at the end of the event.  ONLY the driver, or the driver and one parent if the driver is under 18 may discuss with the Race Director any issues regarding “on track” calls.  The decision of the Race Director is FINAL.

28.  PERSONAL PROPERTY:  All personal property brought to the track by a team or individual MUST be removed with them when they leave, or placed in the appropriate receptacle.  This means trash, racecar parts, drain oil, etc.  Do not leave old tires and batteries at the track.  Take them with you.  Please clean up after yourselves.  If you leave your area a mess, you may be asked not to come back.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation

29.  RAIN OUT POLICY:  In the event of weather causing the cancellation of an event, the following criteria will determine the status of the event:

If all qualifying, timed and/or heat races, is complete, the program is deemed complete.  Feature events will be made up at a later date.

If qualifying is not complete, the program is deemed a rain-out.  Wristband will be utilized as rain check for next event only.

30.  Any situation not covered by these rules will be dealt with at the discretion of the Race Director, and his/her decision is FINAL.

31.    The most important rule at all events – HAVE FUN!

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