Upcoming Events:

Race DateEvent
08/03/2017Summer Stampede
08/10/2017Summer Stampede
08/11/2017Summer Stampede
08/12/2017Summer Stampede


The Summer Stampede is in FULL swing each Thursday night!  Racing starts at 730 pm on the 1/4 mile on the front stretch of the big track!  Admission is FREE!!!  Just come to south tunnel and sign in and come join us!  We hope to see you there!!!

This weekend it is a TRIPLE header in conjunction with the Rainguard Water Sealers 600 INDY race!! We will race Thursday night at 730pm Friday at 1230 pm and Saturday at 1230 pm as ALWAYS grandstand admission to Lil TMS is FREE!!! Come on out and enjoy the show!!!

*******We have cancelled the races this weekend at Lil Texas Motor Speedway!!!! The rain chances have shot up to 90%! We are doing this early so that you can make other arrangements for your weekend!!! Keep in Mind Houston Motorsports Park is testing on Sunday if you are interested! Thank you for your support....and we hope you have a GREAT safe weekend!

Our next race is Saturday April 1

Battle at the Big Top presented by Fort Worth Indian Motorcycles RACE times!

April 3 Monday Practice 730 pm

April 4 Tuesday Round One 730 pm

April 5 Wednesday Round Two 730 pm

April 6 Thursday Round Three 1230 pm

April 7 Friday Round Four 9 am

April 8 Saturday Round Five 3 pm

The TENTATIVE 2017 racing schedule is UP!!!  Dates subject to change!  

****Important for racers!!!!  For 2017 please keep up with points and make sure they are CORRECT!  We will NOT go back over two weeks to fix the points!!!!!!!!!!!

Battle at the Big Top V is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mark your calendars NOW!!!  This will be the event you will NOT want to miss!!!  April 3-8  Exciting news coming soon for this event!


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